The Hidden Gem Of Dining In Northamptonshire

The Potterspury House Restaurant has grown in popularity to become the hidden gem of dining in Northamptonshire ...

And so they hired our highly experienced kitchen team and gave them a simple instruction: Source all the ingredients locally where possible, season all the dishes with herbs from our own kitchen garden, and make everything in-house rather than buying in.

"And they didn't disappoint!"

Aside from some delicious starters and main courses, all the bread, cakes and pastries are baked from scratch in our well-equipped kitchen, and we love it when we see our creations all over Facebook and Instagram with positive comments attached.

Now, the word is getting around that our restaurant is the hidden gem of dining in Northamptonshire and we have diners eager to book a table and sample our tasty menu.

We're open weekdays for lunch, afternoon teas and evening dining and all over the weekend so you can bring your family for a treat, especially for a Sunday Roast. Why should you slave away over a hot stove when the Potterspury House Restaurant can do it all for you?

We're also getting more and more business networking groups visiting with 4Networking, Busy Women Networking and WIBN joining us for lunch regularly, and Essendon Accounts hosting their clients for a monthly breakfast.

Marlin and Richard are thrilled with the response from the local community and welcome you, your family, friends and business contacts to the Potterspury House Restaurant whenever you like.

A huge thank you to our regular patrons, and we look forward to seeing you in 2020!

Call us on 01908 804805 to make your reservation and let us delight you at Potterspury House!