Did You Know We Hosted Kids Parties At Potterspury House?

Many people are surprised we host kids parties. They see the Potterspury House Restaurant as somewhat of a grown-up affair ...

Yes, we have a beautiful restaurant filled with the aromas and tastes of a homecooked menu created by our talented chefs, prepared with locally sourced ingredients wherever possible, but we're not just for grown-ups, we love to host kids too.

"One of the reasons for this is that our head chef, Mark, is a genius with cakes!"

If you've been to the Potterspury House Restaurant before, you'll have noticed there are always cupcakes, cookies and other delicious little treats on the counter for you to sample in our restaurant or to take home. When one of our staff brought in their daughter for lunch a while ago, they tried a chocolate orange cupcake Mark had prepared, and absolutely loved it.

So when she was asked where she wanted her birthday party, she immediately said, "Potterspury House!" then added, "Can Mark make the cake?" How could her mum refuse? So a plan was hatched, her and her friends were going to have a pool party in November.

Potterspury House is also home to Cloud 9 Spa, so we put together a party that included an afternoon in our indoor swimming pool, giggles in our jacuzzi, and a scrummy meal of pizza and nuggets in the restaurant! It was a perfect afternoon for a group of 12-year old girls.

And, of course, Mark made a big sunflower cake for everyone to share, and a whole load of little sunflower cupcakes for each child to take home with them. There were even candy bees!

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